An In-depth Analysis Of Effective Online Fashion Systems

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Retail store closings are on track to hit a record high this year with retailers from department stores Sears , Macy's and J.C. Penney to specialty players like BeBe and Rue21 and footwear retailers Crocs and Payless shuttering locations. While some of the closings are a result of bankruptcy filings, others are companies right-sizing store footprints after expanding beyond what is now necessary in an increasingly online shopping world. New data from inMarket's spring loyalty report suggest Nine West may be the next to close stores or lay off employees. Nine West's loyalty scores are the lowest in the report, and it's one of only two retailers in the bottom 10 that have not announced store closures, halting expansion, or layoffs so far this year. Nine West Holdings, which also includes brands Easy Spirit, Anne Klein, Gloria Vanderbilt and l.e.i., has more than 250 of its own stores in addition to the merchandise it sells through wholesale partners like department stores. The data come from an analysis of location information from more than 50 million mobile devices per month gathered by a combination of technologies including geofencing beacons and Wi-Fi connectivity. According to inMarket, the data are anonymized so no personal identifying information is gathered, just identification of a device which can determine whether that and thus the person carrying it, visits that store again. InMarket explains that each retailer is assigned a loyalty score, determined by the number of repeat visits. In other words, the more the same customers come back, the higher your loyalty score.

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