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There are long and uncertain procedures around dismissals, when an employer thinks they are needed. Of course there's a need to protect workers from unfair and arbitrary sackings, but many labour market experts do think that in France the balance is wrong and that it acts as a disincentive to hiring new workers. It is relatively easy to get out of work benefits and the IMF says the education system has failed to keep up with the changing skills needed by employers. There have been reforms intended to make inroads into these issues, including a package known as the Macron law, named after Emmanuel Macron, one of the presidential candidates when he was economy minister. The IMF has welcomed this but says more is needed. Then there is the 35-hour working week. It doesn't ban long hours, but is a threshold which triggers overtime payments. Critics think it raises costs for employers, supporters that it protects workers and encourages employers to hire more people. Follow French vote on the BBC Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The five main candidates are (L-R): Francois Fillon, Benoit Hamon, Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Melenchon Firebrand Melenchon galvanises left High productivity There is also a feature of the French business regulation and taxation that affects the size of firms.

So we budgeted to pay them off in little under 2 years (not 1) and in order to get them off you have to pay the balance which at the time was $2k+plus fork out for the gold wires an extra $700. We also had to do it 3 appointments over the course of the day as she had to get some removed so I decided the school holidays would be it. So my day went like this. Wake up 6.30 do my walk, have breakfast, have shower get ready to leave the house at 8.30 as there is a lot of road work on our side of the city and her appointment is at 9.30 in the city. Go to put the dog out so she can do her business then bring her inside and notice a piece of cotton jutting out from her foot (I'm thinking OMG needle). I pull on it and she starts to whimper and carry on I start to panic, I feel her foot around the toe and I can't feel anything in the foot and even when I push on the toe she seems fine, I pull on it again she cry. If I leave it alone she is ok so I put her to bed and leave its 8.40 so I head out all the while feeling a bit sick thinking of the X-rays and vet bills that are going to be on top of today's dental expenses and there is no way I'm letting DH know about this as he is always making comments about needles (which I am pretty careful with). We head into our first dental appointment and the Orthodontist decides there is a gap in her bottom teeth that they'd really like to close before this afternoon (WTF). So they take the top wire off and the bracket that needs to come off the tooth that must be built up by our regular dentist then proceed to wire the bottom teeth up with various bits and bobs. Mo's eyes are watering as the bracket was stuck really well due to the smallness of the tooth and the amount of cement they used and the wiring up is ok she says but hurts a bit.

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