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To get through any week with the feeling like progress was had, it takes tapping into the energy that is there to bolster you. Pluto in your sign aligns with precision and promise to Venus in fellow earth sign Virgo, the same day as a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on Friday, July 27. Feisty Mars joins this lunar shock and squares Uranus just for kicks. In ways this could feel like the perfect storm, yet remember you have more than one energetic leg to stand on, and more than a little grace on your side. Jupiter and Neptune are favorably aligned which makes your communications serendipitous and your connections fortunate. Work may feel to be uncertain and volatile in places but with Venus so securely aligned to Pluto, there will be a way through. Do Remember Cappy if all else fails, Uranus is forming a stellar angle to your ruler Saturn for the next two months, helping you think cleverly outside the box and carve out new pathways for yourself. There is no room for the old way within the new way. Outsmart the past and you will love your future! A classic way that people might describe you, besides uniquely intelligent or eccentric of course, would be emotionally detached .

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