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Your Protein Powder Might Be Contaminated with Toxins

Lauren Mazzo Most people incorporate vitamins or nutritional supplements into their diet to enhance their health. But if you regularly consume protein powder, you may want to reconsider the possible risks coming with your protein boost: A new study shows that 53 of 134 of the top-selling protein powders have substantially elevated levels of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and BPA. The study was commissioned and released by the Clean Label Project , a Denver-based nonprofit dedicated to educating the public about the toxins and nutritional value in consumer products, but conducted by independent third-party analytical chemistry lab Ellipse Analytics. They selected 134 of the top protein powders on the market (using Amazon best-seller lists, Nielsen data, and social buzz) and tested them for over 130 contaminants, including heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury), over 100 pesticides, BPA/BPS (plasticizers that are known endocrine disruptors ), and antibiotics residues. The results aren't so great. They found that about 75 percent of the protein powders tested had measurable levels of lead, 55 percent had measurable levels of BPA, and that 28 of the 134 contained twice the regulatory limit (three micrograms) of BPA. One protein power contained more than 25 times the allowed regulatory limit of BPA in one serving. And while plant-based diets and plant-based protein might be gaining popularity, these types of protein powder scored higher for scary stuff. In the study, plant-based protein powders contained on average twice the amount of lead per serving compared to other products and also contained mercury, cadmium, and arsenic (in several cases above health-based guidelines). (Consider these plant-based food sources of protein instead.) Think an "organic" label will save you? Not so fast.

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